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First United Methodist Church
Ketchikan Hostel in the heart of Ketchikan - All ages welcome
Open June 1 - August 31

What is a Hostel?
  • Safe, inexpensive overnight accommodations
  • Friendly informal place to rest
  • Open to all ages
What do we offer?

Manager's Hours: 7-9 am & 6-11 pm
We will stay open for late Alaska
ferry arrivals (if notified in advance)

Ketchikan Hostel in the heart of downtown Ketchikan , Alaska


  • Facilites for 19 hostellers
  • Separate male and female dorms
  • Bedding is available for rent
  • Supervision by houseparents
  • Showers and kitchen
  • Center for conversation, reading and games
  • Information on the Ketchikan area
  • Information on hostels world-wide

What are the rules?
  • Nightly fees are just $17 including tax
  • No smoking, alcohol or illegal drugs
  • No pets
  • Open for late evening Alaska ferry: please call promptly upon arrival at the terminal.
  • Reservations recommended
Click map for directions & map of downtown Ketchikan courtesy of Google Maps
Ketchikan Map

Ketchikan Hostel
400 Main Street
Ketchikan, Alaska 99901
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